Hytera CPS v7.06.02
Settings for GPS
---General Setting---
GPS -> checked
Speed Unit -> Mile/h or Km/h
GPS Update Time -> 5s
GPS Display Unit -> ddd.mm.ss
GPS Trigger
Button, Power On, Power Off, Time, Distance, -> checked
Relationship Between Time & Distance -> Time & Distance
Report Interval (day) -> 1 minute
Report Interval Distance -> 100
Longest Report Time -> 5 minute

Hytera Custom Tones

Hytera Custom Tones
A list of custom audio tones:

Here are some customized tones for the PD982 handhelds, also in my UHF X1p. I set the volume of these tones to be linked to the volume control.

You define these tone up in the User Defined Tone part of the programming under Common. You enable these under Conventional>General>UI Indication to enable these tones in place of the default tones. I'm recalling all of this from memory so this might not be totally correct.

I like the Motorola Talk Permit Tone (TPT) used on Moto's P25 handhelds. It's similar to the old NEXTEL DirectConnect chirp but at a lower frequency. For the old NEXTEL DirectConnect tones, I programmed the PTT chirp, incoming DirectConnect call double beep, and the short end peep heard on the end of a received DirectConnect transmission. I also programmed the Motorola MOTOTRBO TPT in case I decide to use it.

Hytera Tones

HYTERA MD782 UHF Digital Mobile (DMR)

HYTERA MD782 Digital Mobile (DMR) UHF 400-470 MHz

Hytera DMR Catalog Video

Hytera MD782-g DMR Mobile
Hytera PD782-g Hand Held

HYTERA 782 Technical documents

HYTERA 782 Technical documents
Hytera MD782-g DMR Mobile
Hytera PD782-g Hand Held

Technical Bulletins
PD78X*/78X*GCross Sleeve ToolDownload
PD78X*/78X*GDMR Special FUD Upgrade KitDownload
PD78X*/78X*GEmergency Call GuideDownload
PD78X*/78X*GEngineering Mode - RSSIDownload
PD78X*/78X*GFront Panel ProgrammingDownload
PD78X*/78X*GFront Panel Programming PD78XDownload
PD78X*/78X*GHow To Install Multiple Versions of CPSDownload
PD78X*/78X*GLicense GuideDownload
PD78X*/78X*GWire Harness SM18N2Download

User Manual
PD78X*/78X*GEnglish - PD782 Quick Reference User GuideDownload
PD78X*/78X*GEnglish - PD78x User ManualDownload
PD78X*/78X*GSafety Information BookletDownload

PD78X*/78X*GDMR Control Services VideoDownload

The same on my MD782 USA (which I believe is the same as the UK MD785) 

Hytera DMR digital analog radio TD370 | TD372 | TD375 handheld

Hytera DMR digital analog radio

Hytera DMR digital analog radio TD370 | TD372 | TD375 handheld

Hytera TD370 | TD372 | TD375 handheld

Hytera Engineering Mode RSSI Service Mode PD78x

Hytera Engineering Mode RSSI Service Mode PD78x
Entering Hytera service menu

Some Hytera models have a hidden service menu. This will display some more information. Most useful is the RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) value giving detail about the real quality of the received signal. I’ve tested this on the MD-785G, PD-785 and the X1p. Entering this menu can be done by pressing some buttons in the order displayed below.

Push the following buttons in speed:

You're in the [Service Mode] menu;
no#1 [Last Reset Log] push the BackButton
goto menu
no#3 [Radio Info] and see the programmed radio model.
Model Number: PD782-000G0000-000000-U1-0-H

Hytera Engineering Mode RSSI Service Mode PD78x

Motorola DMR & Hytera DMR Privacy - Interworking 100%

Motorola DMR & Hytera DMR Privacy - Interworking 100%

A Motorola DMR (MotoTRBO) and a Hytera DMR both using privacy and working with one another perfectly. They can relay voice, data, text messages etc

DMR CPS Programmer by DL5MCC

What is CPSProgrammer?
DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is a digital voice (DV) modulation scheme, which becomes more and more popular in amateur radio (ham radio). To be able to use the radio transceivers, all frequencies (channels) used must be entered as a „memory channel“ into the so called codeplug (CP). There is a huge number of local radio repeaters, as well as analogue FM repeaters and simplex frequencies, which all have to be entered into the CP by typing it manually into a programming software (CPS). Only in Germany we currently have about 270 DMR repeater, which expand to about 600 channels (2 timeslots + many mixed mode FM) only for DMR.

Features and Limitations

CPSProgrammer is an automatic programming (programming robot) of the channel information of a CPS. CPSProgrammer reads all input-information from a CSV file.

CPSProgrammer is designed to interact with the existing vendor-provided CPS software. CPSProgrammer does not read or write codeplug-files (.rdt, .rcd, .rcdx).  The vendor's CPS software must be running for CPSProgrammer to update the codeplug that is open in vendor's CPS software (see picture above:  "Principle of the CPSProgrammer").

Currently supported CPS software.
  • CSI CS700 Radio Programming Software V1.25 (2015-06-04): CS700, CS701, Kirisun DR7100
  • CSI CS750 CPS HAM2000 R4.00.27: CS750, CS751, CS800, CS801
  • Tytera MD380 Radio Programming Software V1.29.0, V1.30.0: MD380, MD390
  • Typtera MD390 → edit [MD380] section in .ini file: WindowTitle=CPS MD-390. Then select MD380 as CPS
  • Retevis RT3 Radio Programming SW, V1.30.0
  • Hytera PD365 Hytera Customer Programming Software, V1.04.03.003.EM5: PD365, PD375

MD782G UHF DB-26 connector programming cable

MD782G UHF - programming cable to interface with the DB-26 connector

I have the MD782G UHF as well and could not be happier with it.

You can make your own programming cable to interface with the DB-26 connector on the back using a simple USB cable with just the ends of the other end to stick into the proper positions on the DB-26. Ordered a combined cps/firmware cable online for around $40usd. It interfaces with the front panel mic connector.

I programmed the buttons as follows;
P1 and P2 for zone changes
P3 and P4 for channel up and down
P5 is for scan
P6 sets the power level

This works for me but you may want change them up. I really like the radio and have had no issues with it. I get great reports on it and it hears equally well. I use it mobile with 6dBd gain antenna. I am going to connect up an external speaker as to improve the audio tone range in the mobile environment.

Hytera RD962 UHF 400-470 MHz DMR Repeater

Hytera RD962 UHF 400-470 MHz DMR Repeater

RD962 is a digital / analog portable repeater that is compatible with the DMR standard. This device is compact for easy transport and can be embedded with an optional mini duplexer. ... Hytera DT20 Built-in Mini Duplexer UHF 400-470 MHz.