PA0MAG Change Code Plugs in minutes || PA0MAG Hytera Code Plug Changer

The easy way to change a Hytera code plug in minutes as example from MD78xG to PD78x, PD68x, MD65x or X1P (not for the PD3xxxx.series). Read carefully the PDF file, Tested and working.

Of course at your own risc. || Make a backup file !

PA0MAG Hytera Code Plug Changer.
Change header From Hytera CP to other Hytera Model DMR transceiver (except PD3xx series). In this
example from MD785G to PD785. Tested and working

Download Hex Editor Freeware:
start the Hex editor program.

Open (see example below) an existing (or generate) in this case a Hytera PD785 code plug
with the Hex Editor with extension xxxxx.rcdx

Select RULE 0 TILL 390 and Copy This rules (see picture below)

Open (in this example) a existing code plug that you want to use. In this example Hytera
MD785G code plug, with the Hex Editor with extension xxxxx.rcdx an Select RULE 0 TILL
390 and PASTE the RULES you just have copied from the other CODE PLUG (in this case
the PS785) see picture below.

Now are the rules 0 till 390 from the PD785 CP in the CP of the MD785G (in this example).
Save this file, this is the new CP now for the PD785.
Open this new CP with the Hytera CPS (Code Plug Software) and write to radio (in this case) PD785.
After this, read from radio the file (in this case PD785) and save to your computer, after this write
this saved CP again to your radio.
Otherwise you see by Radio information, maybe the wrong model name (see pictures below).



PDF download ::

PA0MAG Hytera Code Plug Changer,d.aWw

thanks MIKE :-)