Hytera PD-365 firmware upgrade instructions

Hytera PD-365 in the download mode to update the firmware. 
1. Preparation:
- Download the new CPS software for the third series
- Download the upgrade kit for the 3-series
- Remove the old CPS for the three series complete.
- Install the new CPS
2. Upgrade
Step 1 Power off the subscriber, and take down the battery
Step 2 Connect to the subscriber PC.
Step 3 Hold SK1 then put in the battery, wait for 3 ~ 5 seconds, then release SK1, so as to enter the download mode.
Step 4 Run the software, select the right COM, if do not find the right COM, click "Refresh" button to refresh ..
Step 5 Click "Upgrade" in the main interface to start, the information up the progress bar will turn to "Updating, please wait ...".
Step 6 The progress bar will display rate after about five seconds later, and about one minute later will prompt "Update completed successfully!" After finished:
Step 7 Wait for subscriber restart.
Step 8 Click "OK" and power off the subscriber.

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